We are a UK-Canada based fintech venture production studio

The F/T hub incubates spoke ventures through development, resource sharing, investment, and joint ventures



Factern is a business data platform powered by network effects.The secure platform allows for collection, distribution, verification, and regulation of arbitrary business data. Participants include some of the world’s largest banks and financial institutions.


Tractr is reinventing value exchange between two parties by directly connecting them and disintermediating entities who are unnecessarily extracting this value in today’s model.  By adding a network effect, this value creation is amplified.


A global B2B networking, CRM and supply chain management infrastructure company


An on-boarding, KYC and credit application development company for alternative finance providers

Participants include governments, the world’s largest banks, and the largest social networks


Mike Janzen, CEO

Co-founder/CTO of Aimetis (70 people) where he led engineering of embedded video mgmt/analytics systems.  Co-founder/CEO of Datahog (exit to farms.com). Computer Science,  University of Waterloo.  Medal placements in ACM programming competitions.

Mat Megens

Fintech entrepreneur. Finance experience at IFC (World Bank Group), Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers and AgFe.  Hardware engineer at startups and Fortune 500.  MBA from NYU-Stern and BASc Electrical Engineering from University of Waterloo.

Arthur Sculley

Fintech entrepreneur. Senior Fellow Fletcher’s Centre for Emerging Market Enterprises. Co-founder, IntraLinks NYSE:IL 1996. Chairman, Bermuda Stock Exchange and CreditTrade. Best selling author. Head of JP Morgan private bank and Managing Director in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and London.

Paul Rolles

Founder/CEO of AgFe – a leading European asset manager and specialist in Financial Services technology.  Previously Managing Director and head of the European Financial Asset Backed Group at Morgan Stanley.