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Why Join?

Startup experience

Leading edge tech stack including RxJava, ReactJS, React Native, AWS, DynamoDB

Young codebase, microservice architecture, experienced developers

Full benefits, unlimited vacation

Possibility of equity

Located in the Accelerator Centre




FIN/TECH acts as one while promoting independent thinking.

team is stronger than an individual. Our organizational structure is flat and open. We value listening over speaking.

Success is often born on the back of failure, therefore we reflect, react, and are curious.  We are tenacious and take ownership. We are passionate and courageous so that we can inspire and make an impact.

We believe in giving back to the community that gave so much to us.


We are reactive, lean, and agile.  However, we don’t subscribe blindly to these ideologies. We think for ourselves and use the right technique for the job at hand. Above all, we learn and improve every day by following cycles of: plan, execute, evaluate.

Tech Stack

  • Backend
    • Cloud: Heavy use of AWS and its services
    • OS: All Linux
    • Languages: Java (RxJava, Vert.x), some node.js, but micrsoervices let us be polyglot
    • Architecture: Microservices (increases code maintainability and makes scalability and high availability easier)
    • Database: DynamoDb, Postgres, MySQL
  • Frontend
    • Web: Javascript, ReactJS, Redux HTML5/CSS, etc.
    • Mobile: React Native with some native code (iOS, Android), etc.
  • General
    • Continuous delivery: docker, ansible, AWS, Shippable 
    • Automation and DevOps best practices
    • Leveraging a functional approach to software engineering
    • git for source control
    • Atlassian tools for development (JIRA, Confluence)

Personal Qualities

  • Curiosity backed by an ability to learn
  • Motivation, tenacity, and ownership
  • Ability to work in a team environment (check egos at the door)
  • Ability to write clean code and APIs
  • Ability to design and implement scalable and available platforms
  • Desire to write high quality testable code
  • Desire to share knowledge and mentor others

Position: Backend developer


  • Engineering highly scalable and available backend software
  • Writing maintainable, well designed, and high quality code
  • API modelling and business logic modelling
  • Researching and selecting/building appropriate technologies


  • Java/JVM on the backend
  • Write functional/declarative code rather than imperative code (RxJava)
  • Highly testable code
  • Dependency injection (guice/spring)
  • Functionality split across loosely coupled micro-services (vert.x helps)
  • AWS services including EC2, ECS, Cloudformation, SQS, SNS, RDS, DynamoDB, API Gateway, Elasticsearch
  • JIRA, git
  • Continuous integration, continuous delivery

Other Beneficial Experience

  • Fintech
  • Blockchain
  • Security / Cryptography
  • Authorization Authentication OAuth
  • DevOps (CloudFormation, Ansible, Chef)

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Email Resume to careers@finovertech.com